About Us

To meet the high demand and rapid growth for Virtual Assistants, Superwoman Business Services (SBS); a business consulting and back office support system, emerged into the virtual office industry to service individual professionals, entrepreneurs and startups.

Superwoman Business Services (SBS) remains at the forefront of technology and its recent boom for more Virtual Assistants; as such, provides entrepreneurial mind-set specialists focused on serving your specialized needs.

Known for its unparalleled commitment to exceed customer satisfaction, SBS is a virtual administrative support system that specializes in operations management (OM), back office, website designing, business plan writing and other various types of administrative task listed on our services page.  

Our promise to every client is to exceed their expectations by delivering high quality Lightning Speed Service!


Our mission is simple

Provide lightning speed

adaptable practices & services

to meet today's fast changing world.



Burena "Bree" Morris

Ms. Morris has earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship; in addition, she is currently pursing her MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.


As a certified Grant Writer & newly certified COVID-19 Contract Tracer, Ms. Morris is a proven professional in business development, operations, communications and policy management in various industries; including, investments and banking, construction, real estate, telecommunications, retail and the cannabis industry.

In addition to being founder and CEO of Superwoman Business Services, she also has ties in the new billion dollar cannabis industry with 444 Edibles, LLC; at the same time, dedicates her time and entrepreneurial talents to helping entrepreneurs, startups  and small businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Ms. Morris has 35+ years of experience in business management possessing exceptional talents including; strong English, Writing and Communication skills, Executive Office Management, Marketing, Social Media, Desktop Publishing, Website and Graphic Designing (Creative Cloud).

Ms. Morris specializes in managing day to day operations to ensure the entire organization runs efficiently; specifically, implementing and evaluating operation processes and procedures in accordance with company standards. In addition to, ensuring operational processes stay within agreed upon budgets and time-lines; as well, as, assisting CEO's in developing strategies and implementation plans to improve operations.

40 years of


Fast, Efficient and Professional Service