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BBX Interview - Preparing Your Business for Web 3.0

Watch an in-depth interview of our CEO Ms. Burena Morris, aka Superwoman.

The internet is on the verge of reaching a new era.

A New Era full of opportunities for companies to connect with their audience in new and exciting ways.

That Era is Called Web 3.0

Since its conception, the internet has experienced two distinct stages, Web 1 & 2. Web 3.0 represents the next transformation of the internet.

Web3 is so advanced, many people today do not understand the full impact the next transformation will have on their lives and businesses.

Web3 will be facilitated by Blockchain with a core trait of mostly being decentralized. Unlike web2 where companies like Facebook and Google control how a user navigates the internet. In Web3, users will freely float through web experiences built by many individuals and companies. This is what the internet was intended to do but somehow lost its way as it evolved.

Many people believe they are navigating freely through their web experiences. But they are not, they are using a centralized controlled data collection system.

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