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You cannot build a home without first laying down a good foundation for it to stand upon; likewise, without leadership and management (the foundation) you cannot effective build and grow a business. Leadership traits and management skills remain at the foundation for leading and improving an organization and its structure.

Leadership and management skills are not exclusive of each other; leadership is primarily important in senior management positions and to become an effective manager, an individual must have leadership qualities (Williams, 2014). In other words, similar skill sets are needed for both management and leadership; although some skill sets seem to overlap and complement each other, both have distinct differences as well. For instance, management and leadership both entail working with people, both create the foundation of the organization and functional structure and both influence the work structure and environment (Transweb Global Inc., 2017).

In contrast, leadership produces change and adaptability while management produces order, consistency and predictability; management follows the mission while leadership involves having a vision of what the organization can become and mobilizing people to accomplish it.

When it comes to traits, managing today’s workforce requires a certain skill set; likewise, every manager should develop ten vital leadership skills. The ten skills;

  1. Team building,

  2. Positivity,

  3. Communication,

  4. Listening,

  5. Delegation

  6. Integrity (walk the talk).

  7. Decision-making,

  8. Collaboration,

  9. Flexibility

  10. Above all emotional intelligence, a skill that cannot be ignored as it is important to be emotionally fit to manage the many different stress levels. (Sumin, 2017).

An organization without a leader is like an army without generals; therefore, smart leaders understand its important create leaders throughout the organization. Work forces require leadership be skilled and experienced able to provide guidance and direction for all management and employees to follow. Overall, both leaders and managers play equal roles in help to build

and grow a business.



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