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Business information desk


Whenever you work with Superwoman, you are in excellent hands.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know firsthand the sheer number of things we attempt to take on in one day. 


Administrative tasks and consistent online marketing are a necessary part of your business; however, it can get so overwhelming and time-consuming.


Reclaim your time by delegating those time-snatching tasks to a virtual assistant. 


Let SBS turn your To-Do's into Ta-Dah's - we will focus on productivity so you can focus on profits and doing what you love to do best!

All Sized


Whether you're a startup, a small business, or a large enterprise, Superwoman is here to provide you with the essential support you need.

Freelancers Entrepreneurs

Are you a visionary entrepreneur with a relentless drive to grow your business?  We offer a range of support services to fit your needs.

Individual Professionals

Are you a dedicated individual professional with a burning desire to soar to new heights in your career?

Need a Gig?

Work with Us

Are you a gig worker seeking to unlock the boundless opportunities of the modern workforce?  

Best Value

ADMIN - 40 Hour Plan



Every week

ADMIN: Perfect for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Valid until canceled

Receive your own Personal Assistant.

Scheduling & Administrative tasks.

Customer Service/Receptionist.

Email Marketing

Content & Social Media Marketing


Research and Development

Customized Tasks - You Choose

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